Information is compiled by experienced mental health professionals in language that is both accurate and understandable. There are 5 main domains:


1. Overview of Mental Health system: provision of appropriate information about mental health systems in Victoria, how to cope with a new diagnosis, information for consumers/carers on Mental Health crises with useful links to reputable websites for specific conditions (e.g. SANE Australia, Beyond Blue, The Black Dog Institute, Better Health Channel), hospitalization processes (admission, the roles play by different health care professionals, treatment progress, discharge planning process and follow up arrangement).

2. Treament options: medication and psychotherapy options, including provision of relevant social services so consumers and carers will be able to access and utilize appropriately.

3. Management of physical health: e.g. inclusion of Metabolic Monitoring forms so consumers can readily record and access up to date details.

4. Network support: provision of monthly group activities, meetings from other NGO such as Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council (VMIAC) , NEAMI, Victorian Mental Illness Fellowship, Victorian Transcultural Mental Health, Victorian Mental Health Carers Network Inc., Multicultural Mental Health Australia (MHiMA), Vietnamese Mental Health workers network  for consumers and carers.

5. Emerging information: provision of up to date information related to treatment (e.g. new medications, new services).

Fact sheets, website links and other available services are listed here.