aSMILE: management of physical health

Physical health: people with a mental illness are at increased risk for a number of medical conditions that can have a negative impact on quality of life and longevity. In addition, some psychiatric medications have side effects that can increase the risk of certain medical conditions, notably heart disease. Hence, it is very important to discuss these issues with your doctor and make sure you keep a record of your weight, height, waist measurement, and blood pressure.  St Vincent’s Metabolic Monitoring form can be used to monitor your own physical health and also assist in early dection and appropriately treated if required.


Management of physical health:
Topics include:

  • How to manage your general physical health?
  • What’s metabolic syndrome and how to manage it?
  • Psychotropic medications and dental care?
  • Alcohol and other drugs in people with a mental illness
  • Smoking cessation
  • Mindfulness and mental illness

St Vincent’s Melbourne – Metabolic Monitoring form:

Physical health and medication. Staying physically healthy and looking after yourself is important for your mental health. Taking medication is also an important part of your treatment. For information about medication and physical health please ask your case manager or primary nurse for the booklet Psychiatric medication information: A guide for patients and carers. This is available in several languages (Greek, Vietnamese, Chinese and Italian).