aSMILE: fact sheets – links – services

This page will list relevant and up to date information with links to resources and help facilities as they become available.

Specific Mental Illness Fact Sheets:

addSixtennMedical Morbidity Guidelines for staff

St Vincent’s Mental Health – “Psychiatric Medication Information – A Guide to Patients & Carers” booklet 3rd Edition (November 2013), available from:

Body Dysmorphic Disorder A guide for people with BDD

Trichotillomania A Guide for Sufferers


Information for Consumers/Carers on MH Crisis:
Aged Psychiatry Assessment and Treatment Team (APATT)
St Vincent’s APATT – a multidisciplinary community mental health service based at St George’s campus in Kew. Referrals from GPs are welcomed. More information:

St Vincent’s Adult Mental Health Information for consumers, carers and families – an invaluable resource booklet that provides a wide range of information about the service provided by St Vincent’s Mental Health.

Carers Victoria: Finding help for someone with a mental health problem – A resource for carers and workers in the community care system.


Useful Links to Reputable Mental Health Websites


Other Support Services Available
Drug and Alcohol Clinical Advisory Service (DACAS) Is a specialist telephone consultancy service to assist health and welfare professionals to respond to individuals with alcohol or other drug use problems. Tel: 1800 812 804