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a Statewide Mental Illness Learning Exchange

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aSMILE: ‘a Statewide Mental Illness Learning Exchange’ for consumers, carers, friends and clinicians

aSMILE is aPLACE for those learning … those sharing … those caring … about mental health


The current aSMILE only provides a very BRIEF overview of some of the suggested features for the finished website. We are in the process of finalising the framework and contents of aSMILE.

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     This website offers information on:

  • mental health diagnosis and hospitalisation processes
  • the psychological issues surrounding mental health
  • social guidance on financial, legal and employment matters
  • treatment options including discussion of the medications used to treat mental illness
  • management of general physical health including side effects and metabolic syndromes

<!–This website contains support links to:

  • mental health information for specific illness
  • information for both patients and carers
  • fact sheets to suit all members of the community
  • online support groups and discussion forums
  • educational resources and much more.




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